The Collector's Investment Blueprint

Become a Well-Informed Collector in 5 Days!
(So You Can Save $1,000s When Investing in Gold, Silver & Historical US Autographs)

An “Investment Blueprint” on how to build your personal portfolio, including:- 4 fundamental investment principles for collectors.- 3 pro-techniques on how to select the right assets for your portfolio.- Advice on how to maximize your portfolio returns.


A 5-day course made for collectors who are new to investing in collectibles:Turn your collection into a significant part of your investment portfolio.


Written by Jim Hayes, a collector with 50 years of experience, President of the Charleston Coin Club, Head of the South Carolina Numismatists Association, and author of "War Between the States; Autographs and Biographical Sketches".

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Day 1: Follow these 4 investment principlesDay 2: Select assets with these 3 techniquesDay 3: Save $1000’s buying autographs, gold, and silverDay 4: Build value in your personal portfolioDay 5: Maximize returns as an informed collector

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